by Androgynoid

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It's time to put it all down on paper
It's time to make convictions known
It's time to realize that there's no escape or
respite until the tyrant is overthrown

It's time to educate a child
It's time for reprimands and stitching lips
It's time to break down the american dream
Winning and losing is not all there is

You put your stocks in dollars
You put your faith in fame
You place mistrust in scholars
And those whose experiences weren't the same

You worship a fallacy
That love and success are weighed equally
You'll never be happy
You've resigned to apathy

His rhetoric
It makes you sick
It promises

But this is as septic as it gets
This path gets us all burned to death

Prepare your missiles
Head underground
Open your ears
And drown in the sound

Of screaming women and children and the lot
This is what you asked for and this is what you got

It's time to take it all off of paper
It's time to make resistance realized
There's no waiting until
Some threshold of loved ones die

It's time to take pride in this country
And break away from tyranny
It's time to take a page from our founders
Lest our father we shall meet

Oh God,

Bomb by bomb
Gun by gun
Head by head
Count your dead
Build your graves
Mourn your dead
Hang your head
Hang your head

You put your trust in dollars
You put your stock in shame
You've wasted all your chances
There's no way to win this game

His rhetoric
It's poisonous
It proves truly

And you relinquish all your lives
As the aristocrats sit and thrive

Over and over and over and over and over
Until we're dead


released March 5, 2017
The Evil Bones - Guitars and Vocals
The Obscene - Bass and Vocals
Haunted Kevin - Drums

Album art by Christina Smith

Dedicated to Asa Spring



all rights reserved


Androgynoid Boston, Massachusetts

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